Saturday, November 3, 2007

Coming Soon

At Mariann Wizard's suggestion, this is a new blog which will list all former Ragamuffins (meaning those who were involved with the Rag of Austin, Texas between 1966 and 1977) who have published, their publications, and links to their Web sites and sources of published material.

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Roan Carratu said...

Roan Carratu
As a long time member of the Farm Spiritual Community, the ground breaking commune and RBI that exists in Tennessee for more than 20 years, there are two Kindle Books out which are available to people interested in the alternative living presented in that great experiment.

A Kindle Book by my good friend Patricia Lapidus who has written a number of books but this one by her is on the Farm experience during it's collective heyday:
Sweet Potato Suppers: A Yankee Woman Finds Salvation in a Hippie Village by Patricia Mitchell Lapidus

Another one is called Voluntary Peasants Part 1 eBook
Holy Hippies and the Great, Round-the-Country, Save-the-World, School Bus Caravan
by my good friend Melvyn Stiriss

I highly recommend them both to those who are interested in the earily days of the RBE experiment called The Farm as well as the books published at the time put out by the Book Publishing Company, the Farm's own publishing 'company', Mondy Night Class, The Caravan, and a number of other books.