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Mariann Wizard

Mariann Garner (Vizard; Waterhouse) Wizard

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1. The Pictorial Key to the Republican Tarot, In press Nov. 2007, Lulu
preview; order:
Coming soon to, Barnes &, and other on-line booksellers.
A satirical recasting of the traditional Waite-Ryder Tarot featuring the characters, charlatans and chicken-hawks of the modern Republican Party. Skewed Humor, Skewered History, Major Party Fun, Lady of Arms and much much more!
Paperback, b&w, 232 pp, under $25°°.

2. The Electronic Republican Tarot Deck, 2007, Lulu
Click here for preview
Available only through the Lulu Marketplace as an electronic download. Make your own Full-Color, 80-card companion Deck to The Pictorial Key to the Republican Tarot, complete with Sturdy Box and 32-page Introductory Booklet, with ordinary office supplies and fifth-grade skills, or view electronically.
Nixon as DEATH; Newt Gingrich as THE SUN; "Dubya" as the Knave of BUSHES; Condoleezza Rice as Lady of ARMS – much much more for the upcoming political folly season!
Electronic file (pdf), 20+ pages.

3. SIXTY, 2006, Lulu
With Scout Stormcloud.
preview; reviews; order:
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Also sold at Austin's finest bookstores, and at (see more reviews there!), Barnes &, and other on-line booksellers.
Sixty of Mariann's poems and 60 of Scout's photos celebrate life, friendship, eros, nature, and change; recall former days; remind that we still got no peace; and we still got no justice; therefore, we aren't finished yet. Paperback, color, 100 pp, $39.95.

EXSE Spoken Word 2008-Mariann Wizard

4. HerbClips™; HerbalGram™, 1999 – present, American Botanical Council.
Contributor, reviews and articles on scientific trials of herbal medicines; ethnobotany; herbal regulation and legislation; industry reports; more.
Search or by author's or reviewer's name, herb, medical condition, more. ABC is a non-profit educational organization which promotes the preservation of traditional and "folk" knowledge about herbs and other valuable plants, and the exploration of that knowledge through modern scientific methods. Members enjoy substantial benefits in prices of publications, books, conferences, and herbal eco-adventures worldwide.

5. No Apologies, 1992, Eakin Press.
Contributor, with numerous other Rag writers and other Austin radicals.
Read Mariann's essay at
Out of print, may be found on, ABE Books, etc., and perhaps in a used book store near you. Paperback, b&w, 294 pp, originally priced at $16.95.

6. The Adventures of Oat Willie, 1987, Austintatious Comix.
With Jack Jackson (Jaxon); Charlie Loving.
Reprints of original comic strips featuring Austin's iconic weird guy, Oat Willie, by Joe E. Brown and Gilbert Shelton, and Loving's Nunzio the Narc, from The Rag. Origin story written by Wizard and drawn by Jaxon explores philosophical meaning of Austin slogan, "Onward Through the Fog"; other comic adventures. Covers by Shelton; Michael Priest. $??, original cover price $2.00.

7. Project Tejas '86 Teacher Guide, 1986, Texas Department of Agriculture.
With Lorri Gavin and others.
Developed as a classroom aid in the course of a two-year state-wide educational and fundraising project, focused on Ethiopian famine, jointly conducted by the Texas Department of Agriculture, under the leadership of then-Commissioner Jim Hightower, and Save the Children Federation (Westport, CT). Introduction to Ethiopia, problems of hunger and famine, paths toward self-sufficiency, Texas agriculture. Enrichment activities, fundraising ideas. Pre-K-12.
Paperback, b&w, 52 pp. A very limited number of copies are available; write to $7.50 + postage.

8. Turning the Guns Around: Notes on the GI Movement, 1971, Praeger; 1972, Delta Dell.
With Larry G. Waterhouse.
One of the few contemporary accounts of the late 1960s revolt against the Vietnam war (and military discipline in general) within the US Armed Forces, and the only one written by an active-duty GI and his spouse. Frequently cited in later works. Relying on primary sources (other GIs, airmen, sailors, Marines, recently discharged veterans and their supporters); with renewed relevance as the Iraq War staggers bloodily onward. Written from inside the belly of the monster, reminds that today's pig is still just tomorrow's bacon. Epilogue by Vietnam Veterans Against the War leader Terry DuBose. Frontispiece; chapter illustrations by Jude Binder. Chillingly accurate analysis of what were then future US military trends, borne out by 35+ years of increasing aggression.
See contemporary reviews, sample chapter at:
Long out of print, may be found on, eBay, etc., and perhaps in a used book store near you. Hardback, b&w, 211 pp, originally priced at $6.95; paperback, b&w, $2.45.

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