Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gary Chason

Gary is also an acting teacher and has served as a motion picture casting director, working with such artists as Robert Altman and Peter Bogdonovich.

Feature-Length motion pictures:

God Thinks You're a Loser (2008) Writer/Director currently finishing post-production; A disturbing comedy about guilt and going to Hell. Told in a comic-book style.

Go to God Thinks You're a Loser for preview, clips and stills.

Gary Chason, far left, talks with cast and crew during
making of God Thinks You're a Loser.

Everything or Nothing (2007) Producer/Director on the festival circuit; a heroin movie about a young girl who, at age 6, is orphaned by her father's murder-suicide and who becomes a prostitute and drug addict, then struggles to straighten out her life.

The Trust (1993) Producer on the shelf; The story of William Marsh Rice and the creation of Rice University. Stars Sam Bottoms and Karen Black. Played festivals briefly; is probably available for rent somewhere.

Charlie's Ear (1992) Writer/Producer/Director played festivals (SXSW '94) won top awards at Madrid and Mannheim Festivals, played for one week at the Dobie; a farce noir about a guy (Austin Pendleton) who has a momentary thought about killing his wife, then some thugs show up and do it for him. Or do they?

Legitimate Theater as a Playwright:

Killing Little Cindy (2003) short play about a woman who accidentally kills her childhood imaginary friend, Little Cindy, thus unlocking her repressed sexuality. Was performed at Austin's Frontera Fest along with...

Terminally Straight (2003) On his death bed, a man reconciles with his mother, who always wanted him to be gay - like his father - instead of the beer-swilling, stripper-loving straight guy he turned out to be. It somehow has a happy ending when the man dies.

Denizens (1978) full-length stage play, produced by The Equinox Theater in Houston. A zany comedy about a guy with a poisonous snake for a penis, which, of course, gets cut off.

Charlie's Ear (1977) full-length play, produced by The Equinox Theater. The same story line as the movie.

I also played a lead role (yes, as an ACTOR) in a feature that created quite a buzz at festivals:

Dear Pillow (2004) was just released by Heretic Films and is available on NetFlix, Blockbuster Online, and Played at festivals all over the world and got great reviews. It's a strange "buddy" movie about an aging, gay pornographer (me) who writes erotic letters ostensibly from women for a men's magazine called Dear Pillow. He becomes friends with a teenage boy and coaches him on writing erotica.

Dear Pillow on

Gary Chason in scene from movie Dear Pillow.

I am currently writing a screenplay called Bogwert about a 6 year old boy and his "imaginary" friend, Bogwert, and their adventures in the Alternate Universe. It's family-friendly and weird at the same time.

And there's this recent article that appeared on The Rag Blog.

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