Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ita Jones

The author was born in Poland in 1945, has a BA in philosophy from University of Texas in Austin and currently resides in Colorado. She was named for her paternal grandmother who died in a concentration camp, exact time and place unknown. In 1972 Random House published The Grubbag, a collection of weekly columns she wrote (under the name Ita Jones) for the Liberation News Service from 1968-70.

The Grub Bag, by Ita Jones (Vintage Books, 1971).

The Grub Bag, which began in The Rag and continued in distribution by Liberation News Service, has become something of a legend, especially among aficionados of obscure cookbookery. "An underground cookbook. The practical, philosophical and political aspects of food - with recipes and metaphysics," and photographs by Art Herald. How to bring about the revolution, and what to eat while doing it.

The Gift, A Journey of Liberation, by Ita Willen (The Wessex Collective, 2005).

A memoir that describes how the study of Buddhism helped the author cope with her painful holocaust legacy. The close of the Nazi death camps was a beginning rather than an end for those who survived. Told through the eyes of a child of Holocaust survivors, The Gift lets us feel the pain and the courage that reaches into the decades beyond the war. Compelling and insightful. A memorable read. -- Barb Lundy, poet

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