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Steve Russell

No way I could list everything because I got not just bit but chewed up and spit out by the writing bug.

I've written for half a dozen or so underground papers besides The Rag and had regular gigs with The Daily Texan, The Texas Observer, The American Reporter,, and at this time, Indian Country Today. When I was an elected judge in Austin I had an opinion column in a rural newspaper under a nom de plume.

I guess my most famousest writing, the one that got me a Pulitzer nomination by my editor that was thrown out because first publication was on line, was "The X-On Congress: Indecent Comment on an Indecent Subject," an essay written to provoke a lawsuit to challenge the Communications Decency Act in 1996. In Shea v. Reno, my lawsuit got the act declared unconstitutional before the case that eventually made it to the Supreme Court, ACLU v. Reno. It's still archived many places on the web since it was one of the early "viral messages" because posting it was an act of civil disobedience. Here's the link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

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